Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Meeting 3

     Someone from the outside looking in could say that week 3 did not start off with a bang for the "circle of friends" crew.  When we got into our groups we felt that we ended the previous week on a good note and were excited to get this meeting started.  That's when we started to have some problems.  Joe worked hard on the board design of our game, but it really didn't fit with the direction we were headed.  Since the board threw us off it caused some havoc in the group and we felt like we were back at square one with nothing.  We worked as a team and Joe was very cooperative with our rejection of the initial board design.
     After we figured out the layout for the board, our prestigious minds came up with some ideas to bring some more player choice into the game.  I had a dream that no student should have to walk to places and so transportation cards were formed ( idk if I was actually the one to come up with that idea lol).  Transportation cards are what a player can use to move around to make "aquaintence" friends.  A player can also choose to spin the spinner for a chance to move larger distances instead of using transportation cards.
     We added "friend alerts" onto the spinner, which when landed on a card will be flipped and your "close" friends will either help you or hurt you.  We decided that when you complete a task towards the degree that those friends used to help you move from aquaintences to close friends which would be placed in your circle. And the friend Alerts are things that your close friends will ask of you or help you with, that someone who is just an aquaintence wouldn't ask.
   We made serious gains to say the least and I look forward to the next meeting with my group, in our circle, of friends... Our circle of friends!

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