Monday, November 25, 2013

It's Coming All Together

Week 4 began and our group felt pretty confident that we had a playable game especially since we started from the bottom each week. This week was different because we were finally play testing our game. Joe was a trooper and came in strong with his artistic abilities for the card design. In the beginning of class we had began playing the rules based on our judgements of the game last week. Little did we realize, it wasn't enough to just have a circle of friends. I had proposed the idea of having acquaintances, friends, and then a circle of friends because realistically, acquaintances just don't become close friends after meeting them once. Therefore, our group created a pyramid looking triangle that incorporated acquaintances at the point and friends in the middle, all leading up to the big circle of friends.

When we first began to actually play the game, Joe had spun the wheel because he didn't want to use any of his RU transportation cards. He had landed on a Friend Alert, and this was automatically seen as a problem. Friend Alerts are only geared towards people with acquaintances and since Joe did not have those the game wasn't playable the first round. Running into this dead end allowed us to expand on our game even further. We found it useless to use bus passes because it would make navigating on the board too hard. So, we decided to make the RU transportation move smaller distances and have the wheel only be for longer distances. This allows all players to have pros and cons in utilizing the spinner or the cards. As we were playing I also noticed that people were landing on the same spaces, so I also proposed the idea that every time a person lands on another person's space, the person who got there second is allowed to take an acquaintance away from the other person. 

After incorporating the pyramid for our friends and acquaintances and realizing we couldn't have the friend alerts on the spinner, we decided to make the friend alert cards be something that occurs every 5th turn. We also created acquaintance cards that also give people the option to utilize these on their turn instead of spinning the wheel or using the RU transportation cards. These acquaintance cards are what will allow every player to move their acquaintance up and progress them to eventually make it in their circle of friends. 

The game seemed to have a lot of cards integrated in it so we decided to eliminate our original idea of the dean card challenges, and added in diploma cards, which will be given out to each player during the start of every game. Every player will get 3 diploma cards and have the option to eliminate one of them. These are the challenges that every player has to complete in order to end the game. The overall winner is not the person who get their diploma's first, but the person with the highest points. We had distributed the point value system so it is a fair shot for people to gain points. Points revolved around the most diverse friends within a circle, the person with the most acquaintances, the person with the most consistent type of friends, etc. 

Joe has been working on the physical board and Uroosa, Alex, and I got together and created challenging yet entertaining cards for all of the different types of cards. We are excited to see our almost-finished final product tomorrow in class!

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